Socio-Economic Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Process and output monitoring
  • Establishing monitoring systems

MSD provides Socio-economic Monitoring and Evaluation Studies on the following areas for NGOs, Donor Agencies, and International Financial Institutions… Monitoring and Evaluation requires identification of the most appropriate indicators, depending on objectives of the project to be monitored and/or evaluated. MSD always strives to use indicators that are SMART: Specific (to the project), Measurable (quantitatively or qualitatively), Agreed (with the Client), Realistic (given data requirement and resources available) and Timely (meeting deadlines).Drawing from our associate international experts, MSD is able to provide these services in a wide range of projects funded by ADB, World Bank, EU, and UN Agencies.

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MSD complies with ICC/ESOMARCode on Market and Social Research. This is individual membership was hold by most senior manager since 2009